Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom decorating is a costly affair. Wall decorations bought in stores and embellishments on table tops are usually expensive. The price of decorating a bedroom increases quickly. There is no need to go into a debt to purchase the items for bedroom decorating. There is no need to live with empty walls and night stands either. This article discusses some of the simple and cheap decorating ideas for a bedroom. For a very low cost, trendy bedroom decorations can be made in several ways. Use these ideas to make a start on decorating your bedroom. Creative abilities are not a necessary condition for developing incredible bedroom decorating ideas.

There are a lot of natural ways of decorating your bedroom. For example, you can use natural gifts like wonderful looking sea shells, glass, pine cones etc. Using these items can result in a brilliant texture to the bedroom decoration.

Another good bedroom decorating idea is hanging of art works on the walls. Art works made by contemporary professionals are usually costly. Instead of that you can make your kids draw paintings. Children can come up with great imaginative ideas. Their works tend to be quite natural, very expressive and extremely innocent. Paintings created by children can be used to decorate bedroom walls. They can be framed for a professional look. Another advantage is that the paintings created by children can be cherished for a long time and preserved as sweet memories of childhood. Fabrics with amazing patterns are a good idea for bedroom decorating. Put a frame after mounting the fabric and this will be a good idea for creating an attractive look on the bedroom walls.

A lot of decorating ideas for the bedroom can be obtained by photos that are framed and embellished. Ordinary picture frames made of wood can also serve this purpose. For obtaining textures rich in color, painting can be done. Tiny shells, beads, pebbles and buttons can be attached to the picture frames or paintings for added style in decoration.

There are ways by which you can create art works that will appear as if a professional artist has created them. This can be used to your advantage as professional art works are costly. A simple way of creating art work is to take a wooden framed canvas and paint the sides in dark colors. Draw a painting and let the paint dry fully. Mount this piece of canvas on the bedroom walls. This will serve as an exquisite bedroom decorating idea.


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The ideas presented in this article will be of great use while you are preparing to decorate a master bedroom, especially if you have a small master bedroom. There are multitudes of ways to make a small master bedroom look larger than it is. Small bedrooms might pose some difficulties while decorating. You can use some good tips to give your bedroom a wonderful appeal.

When painting the walls of the bedroom, certain precautions must be taken. Use bold colors when painting the bedroom. Blue, yellow and others look truly exceptional on the walls. Bold colors are good for a small bedroom as it will draw the attention of the observer from the bedroom space to the walls. Also, it is worthy to note that light reflecting from the walls will cast a color shadow on the entire bedroom. So, ensure that you choose appropriate colors for painting the bedroom walls. Purple and red color should be avoided. The reason is that it will give the bedroom a saturated look that will make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

The ceiling must not be painted with a darker color than the walls. The reason behind this notion is that it will make the room appear uncomfortably small. Therefore, when the walls of the bedroom are painted in bold colors, the ceiling should be painted using lighter shades of a similar color. Of course, there is always the option of painting the ceiling white. Another suggestion for freeing up the space on the floor of the bedroom is that to use shelves on the walls for placing a book collection in case you own one. Paint the shelves and the bedroom walls with the same color.

Since bed makes up for most of the space in the room, a cluttered bed is always unwelcoming as the rest of the bedroom will also appear cluttered. Patterned comforters can be used on the beds, especially if the walls are decorated with a neutral color. Simplifying is the essential idea behind decorating a master bedroom.

Empty space in the bedroom is a good thing. It gives plenty of space to walk around the furniture. Have some empty spaces on the bedroom walls, this will make sure that you can see the color. These master bedroom decorating ideas can be very useful when you want to decorate your bedroom.


Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Kid’s bedroom decoration is an important part of raising the child’s esteem and enjoyment. Hence care must be taken that the bedroom is decorated appropriately. Here are some tips that will assist you in getting started on the preparations of decorating your kid’s bedroom. Kids tend to have a lot of things that they are interested in. This makes it easier to choose a theme since you have plenty of options. Utilize the bedroom space to place all the child’s items efficiently. You can come up with creative ideas on how to decorate the bedroom.

One of the important things to improve the appeal of the bedroom is to de-clutter the whole bedroom and decorate it well. Organize the bedroom well. This will of course require maintenance as kids tend to disorganize their stuff easily, sometimes just in a day. Maintaining it demands patience. Some people think there is the need of a huge toy box to place all the toys. But this is not entirely necessary. Most of the toys can be placed below the closet space. This will potentially save a lot of space in the bedroom. Children’s books, games, toys and shoes can be kept in separate baskets. Although there are various options in terms of colors to paint the kid’s bedroom, it is much better to let the kid choose the desired color. There are several shades of any color. So, you can pick the one that fits better even if you leave the choice of color to the kid. A good kid’s bedroom decorating idea is to use light shades instead of darker ones. This does not mean you should exclude all the darker colors. You can use some of the dark colors but use it sparingly.

A small bedroom like the kid’s bedroom needs careful planning. Cheap rugs are the best option for covering the floor. Using a good rug will make sure that kids do not feel too cold. On the other hand, using hard wooden floors can make the kid’s feet cold.


Some of the kids would desire a night light. Buying a small night light is a good idea. Decorative lights are not necessary as it is just a kid’s bedroom. Lamps look better, though they use a lot of space that can otherwise be put to a better use. Utilize these bedroom decorating ideas well to make your kid’s bedroom truly beautiful.


Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are plenty of creative and simple ideas for decorating a boy’s bedroom. Several ideas are available that will make the bedroom look very stylish and just as appealing as a girl’s bedroom. You can decorate a boy’s bedroom with a limited budget. If you are ready to spend a lot, you can make the bedroom look quite trendy. But even otherwise, obtaining an appealing bedroom is not that hard.

Use comfortable pillows, good wall décor, patterned curtains and you are well on your way to creating an exciting look for the boy’s bedroom. Boys tend to have a lot of hobbies and interests. This increases the options of selecting a good theme. Sports are likely to be the sole and most significant interest of your boy. If this is the case, then go for a sport themed bedroom. But if your boy is interested in nature, then there are a lot of bedroom theme options like floral, wildlife etc.

If the boy has developed interest in skate boarding, then the shelves can be made to look like a bunch of skate boards piled together. This bedroom decorating idea is a very creative one. Given that there are a lot of options available for the themes, you can make sure that any of the interest the boy has can match his bedroom theme. Gaming, nature are the themes that are both simple to find and easy to decorate. The items that are required are also quite inexpensive. Buy a sport themed wall décor which is available in-home décor stores at relatively cheap cost. A good mural can be used to decorate the wall. Hand painted murals are enough, even if they are not created by professionals. Make sure that you incorporate colors and textures on the walls, curtains and the bedding of the boy’s bedroom.


Another great boy’s bedroom decorating idea is to use shaped pillows. Pillows are available in all kinds, sizes and shapes. Some with a lot of cushion, some that are shaped like a fish, car-shaped pillows etc. exist that you can use. Even curtain rods can use a bit of decoration instead of being ordinary. All of these can be used to bring a sense of style to the boy’s bedroom and your boy will love it! Ensure that you match the bedroom theme well with the boy’s preference. Your boy is bound to love the decorations of his bedroom.


Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Girls bedroom decorating ideas can become quite exciting and fun. There are a lot of choices for themes. Given that girls have a range of things that they are fascinated by; one can literally make up endless options for the themes. One of the most inexpensive, easy and simple idea is to decorate the bedroom with a flower theme. The home decoration store can present some difficulties as usually they are overpriced, and they run out of style quickly. This article presents some of the cheap and simple flower bedroom themes that will assist you in preparing for the girl’s bedroom decoration. And it guarantees that it does not ruin your budget plans. A girl dream bedroom will fit girls of varying ages.

Use craft flowers made of foam for the decoration of bedroom walls and doors. Foam is an excellent choice for craft accessories. These foam flowers exist in a varying range of colors. The sheets of foam come in thin sizes that are very cheap. These can be used to put on the girl’s bedroom walls. The foam has to be trimmed in such a way that they resemble flowery shapes. Now stick these flowery shapes on the bedroom surface. One always has the option of creating a garden theme with flowers, stems, leaves and other kinds of wildlife. Colored foams present a lot of options for decorating a girl’s bedroom. Murals are not that cheap. Murals that are painted by professionals tend to be quite costly. These are not that necessary if one wants to decorate the bedroom with a flower theme. Detailed floral designs can be found quite easily in the stores. This will also make sure that you are not making any kind of mistake while decorating the bedroom. Flowery treatments on the windows are hard to locate. But there is the option of using flowers that are stamped on the treatments on the windows. Floral patterns can be stuck on the fabrics of the curtain. Pillows can also be decorated with a floral theme.

Comforters come in a range of colors and themes. Do not buy printed comforters that can become outdated after a while. Throw pillows are a good idea for improving the décor of the girl’s bedroom. Drapery that is attached to the wall can also contain a flower theme. Use the above tips to give your girl her dream bedroom.


Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A teen’s bedroom needs redecoration especially if he or she has the same bedroom from childhood. There is the other possibility that your teen is bored of his current theme and wants a change. Either way, it is time for redecoration of your teen’s bedroom. A good decorating idea will make the whole appearance of the bedroom quite appealing and exciting. Use imagination while selecting a bedroom decorating theme. Your teen can help you with this as people in teenage will have a lot of creative and imaginative ideas. You can get inspired by your teen’s artistic ideas and decorate it with a matching feasible theme. Below you will find tips that will improve the teen’s bedroom décor.

Most of the teens would be quite delighted to have a bedroom with a theme. There are certain people who would want a plain bedroom. Hence, decide which one fits better for your teen. Theme of a teen’s bedroom can range from sports, nature to music. There are plenty of options if your teen wants a sports theme for a bedroom. Let your teen decide which sport theme he wants as his bedroom theme. You can always find a bedroom décor which fits his requirements. Another thing to note is the patterns of bedding and the curtains should match. If the teen wants a color scheme for the bedroom instead of a theme, then go for it. The advantage with color schemes is that there is a lot more space for creativity. The main reason for this is that for a color scheme, everything that is there in the bedroom need not fit exactly. A color scheme will bring together all the varying elements and make the bedroom look quite good. Readymade décor is available for almost any of the color combinations. So, do not limit yourself to a few combinations.

Choosing appropriate patterns for the bedroom walls, curtains and bedding is the key to a stunning bedroom for the teens. A color schemed bedroom increases the necessity of choosing the patterns meticulously. Sophisticated appearance can be obtained for the bedroom by combining different patterns. Use solid colors when combining two different patterns. Paint the bedroom walls with appropriate color whether it is a themed bedroom or a color schemed bedroom. Exercise common sense when choosing the color and type of painting. A well painted bedroom will surely enliven the teen’s bedroom and make it much more pleasing for the teen.



Bedroom Decor Ideas

A bedroom always turns out the best place designed in every home. After all this is where you unwind after a hard-working day! When designing the room, invest in inviting bedroom ideas, which are not only functional but serve recreational purposes too. Personality of the owner is reflected in the way the bedroom has been designed or created. Personalizing the bedroom can be done by using the right colors and combos, and accessories and textures. A number of things can be done to create a focal point in the bedroom like making a single brick wall flaunting a worn-out look and installing plantation shutters in white!

Make the best use of all your personal possessions to create a bedroom which is really inviting. If you have storage units then make sure you invest in the white wood look, to give the bedroom a modern appearance. To create a serene and calm ambience that is soothing, make use of soft colors like earthy shades of brown and beige. The dresser top in the bedroom can accommodate smaller light-colored items, add a vase containing beautiful light-colored flowers and invest in pastel bedding. Those with extensive experience in interior designing and nurturing creativity can decorate the bedroom with ingenuity. There is no need to hire specialized services if you understand essentials of decorating the bedroom. It is only you who understands your own needs best, so you can take necessary steps and make investments to give the room a luxurious as well as cozy ambience. Depending upon the size of the bedroom necessary changes or additions can be made. Implementing changes can be a very easy task, once you understand the basics of interior designing. If you follow some of the unique ideas and tips online, the entire bedroom can flaunt a transformed look without any major changes.

Arranging for adequate lighting, purchasing lamps and shades, buying new furniture, changing the flooring of the bedroom, coloring the walls with interesting combos, replacing windows, changing the drapes, adding decorative pieces, making use of Plaster Of Paris for the false ceiling, placing new carpets, using an air freshener when you are in the bedroom, etc. are some of the ways of adding to the feel of an inviting bedroom idea. Invest in a theme for decorating this special room and always remember – work on space! Avoid clutter and invite light. There, your bedroom is done!


Bedroom design

Everybody wants to go to bed and feel relaxed and ready to sleep after a long day. So, you probably don’t want bright, loud colors that startle you every time you enter the bedroom, unless this reflects your personality and you’re happy, but most people will want more supple colors. So, before you rush out and buy the paint, wallpaper, furniture or furnishings you need, have a look at the 5 things you should consider.


Do you have a color scheme?

If you have a favorite color, you may want to incorporate the shades of that color into your bedroom. This can be any color if the colors don’t clash with each other. There are many shades to all colors, so you should explore each shade with the other shades of your chosen colors. It should be noted that if the room you are designing is small, you would do well with bright colors so that the room seems larger, if the room is quite large then dark colors will fill areas well, always try to compliment dark areas with matching furnishings somewhere else in the room.


Do you have a style?

If you have a personal taste you can express this in your bedroom quite easily. You may like an all pink bedroom or maybe an old-fashioned look by using antique furniture, Pine design, or Scandinavian look is popular now. A modern look is easily achievable with clean, crisp whites. Does it need to be functional

When buying the items for your design for your bedroom, you need to consider whether the items need to be functional. A headboard for a bed needs to be able to be fastened to your existing bed. So, what you buy needs to be able to be used and not just bought because the colors matched your other bedroom items or was a good match with your wallpaper.


Is cost an issue?

Re designing a bedroom can cost a small fortune if you were to replace bedroom furniture, wallpaper and furnishings, not to mention flooring and carpets. So careful consideration should be given to this area of the design. Set your budget and work out how much you must spend on each area of design. You could split your budget into furnishings, furniture and decoration.


Is it you?

Remember that whatever design you go for you will see almost every night. So, it must be right. If you are a fluffy kind of person, then add fluffy furnishings first and then work on decoration and furniture later. If a color annoys you then don’t use that color because it’s not you.


Bedroom Colors

There are many bedroom paint colors to choose from, so where does one begin?

Many times, homeowners (and apartment dwellers) feel they should do all the other rooms in their home first before doing the bedroom because “no one sees the bedroom anyway.”


And either way you are more comfortable with is fine, but you really owe it to yourself to make the bedroom your own private sanctuary where you can recharge and relax, high on your decorating priority list. After all it is the first room you see when you start your day in the morning and the last thing you see upon retiring at night. Exploring the opportunities for bedroom paint colors are almost endless but aim to create an atmosphere that is harmonious and comforting.


Inspiration can come from colors, textures and objects that invoke a feeling of calm and enhances a relaxed mood.


And what a better time than now to explore the color design trend of 2018 that calls for an aquatic and serene palette, especially if you are beginning new or adding to an existing scheme to provide a refreshing lift to the bedroom.

The best way to describe the key colors for this design color trend is aquatic, serene, zesty and exotic. And while bedrooms can look great in deep vibrant colors, if you long for more of a peaceful and restful atmosphere, what better direction to turn but to the relaxing colors, turquoise, aqua and the deep blues of the ocean?


Turquoise is a combination of blues and greens and often thought of when envisioning tropical waters and is also an exotic gemstone known historically for its protective properties, while an aqua palette is composed of light and deeper blues. Other serene colors from the 2018 line up and most suitable for bedroom paint colors might include lavender and deep yellows. Lavender comes from the plant and known for its soothing properties.

Decorating with these cool colors of blues, greens and lavenders especially in lighter values can make a small bedroom appear more spacious and airier because the colors appear to recede visually.

And while these cool colors can be perfect for the bedroom because they lend themselves to restful sleep and relaxation, there is nothing wrong with the warmth and zest of a warm color palette can offer.


When you use them properly, warm yellows (just think forsythia) can be quite peaceful, and soft shades of peaches and pinks will create a soothing ambiance for your bedroom.

And lets we not forget; the neutral bedroom paint colors of warm gray and warm beige are also very soothing and quietly elegant and understated making them excellent choice for the bedroom.

In addition, they offer enormous flexibility for decorating since they go with everything, making it possible to make changes to your room on a whim for an instant update without having to repaint the whole room.

Since bedrooms are very personal allowing you to become even more expressive, once you select your decorating color palette, experiment with faux finishes choosing one that reflects your taste and compliments your furniture will give your walls an illusion of depth and dimension.

And while you are painting, don’t forget the ceiling. Create a soft dimension to your ceiling using a color a shade lighter than the walls to make rooms with low ceilings to appear more spacious, and a dark shade if you want to draw a high ceiling down making the room more intimate.


Bedroom Decorating Examples

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the entire house, and people take great pains to make sure that they have a bedroom that they can be one hundred percent comfortable in, especially because this is the room that you will be spending most of your time in.


How you decorate your bedroom is going to affect how you feel when you are in your room, so even if you are decorating for the first time or if you are looking to remodel, there are a lot of ideas that you can read about and be inspired by to make it into something a little bit more “you.” All you need are a few principles and basic ideas to build on, and before you know it, you will have the bedroom decor of your dreams.

Here are a few tips and ideas for your bedroom decorating:

Walls: Your walls can do so much when it comes to your room’s decor. The simplest way you can give your room a new and improved look is to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. This is especially if you have plain colored walls that you have become bored with. You can easily go to any hardware store where you will have a long list of paint color choices. There are even choices that you can customize by mixing together certain shades of paint. You no longer have to deal with basic colors in your bedroom decorating, as virtually every color of the spectrum can be mixed to go onto your walls.

Transforming the old into new: A great way to amp up your room’s look and to save money at the same time is to use your old things to make new ones. For example, using old glassware such as glasses and jars as holders for jewelry, potpourri, or candles is a great way to have unique pieces in your bedroom.

Customize your bed linens: The bed is the centerpiece of your room. Making your bed a thing of beauty is a great way to make your room look beautiful. Invest in bed covers, sheets, comforters, and pillow cases that go along with the look that you want. Buying bedding that you love and perhaps reminds you of the beds in the best hotels is sure to give you a feeling of comfort every time you walk into your room after a long day at work. Of course if you feel like you’re on vacation, you might not want to get up in the morning!

If you are considering a redecorating project, I recommend that you both start a file and keep a notebook. When you find decorating ideas in magazine pictures that you like, tear them out and add them to your file. When you get an idea or see something you like in a store or in someone’s home, make a note of it in your notebook.

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